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Manual Vs Electric Toothbrush: Do you need an Electric Toothbrush?

Cleaning and brushing your teeth is a mainstay of dental health. It is the most effective way to remove dental plaque and oral odour, which helps prevent gingivitis, cavities, and other serious diseases. 

But, when it comes to buying a toothbrush, how to know what kind is best- Manual or a smart toothbrush. 

Manual Vs Electric Toothbrush

Either manual or electric, both toothbrushes assist in cleaning your teeth, so it’s a matter of personal preference. Choosing the one you like, or your dentist suggests, is the best option since brushing your teeth for 2 minutes twice should be the parameter. 

You can get remarkable results from a manual toothbrush. However, if you want an efficient oral care routine and have the budget for it, go for a smart toothbrush!

Each type has its benchmarks. Let’s check them out!

Benefits of a Manual Toothbrush?

A manual toothbrush may sound a little less fancy since they come in the most basic forms compared to a flashy electric brush, but many people in the US find it an effective tool for cleaning their teeth properly and preventing oral disease. 

Statista conducted a survey showing that around 264.98 million people used manual toothbrushes in 2020.

Apart from perks like having a fresh and clean smile all day, a manual toothbrush has the following benefits: 


When it comes down to accessibility, a manual toothbrush is the best option since you can get one at any local grocery store, and it costs under 10 dollars. Unlike electric ones, manual toothbrushes do not require extra parts or batteries to work and are easily replaceable. 


Hand-operated or manual toothbrushes are extremely cost-efficient, making them a much easier and cheaper option to replace. This brush is manufactured in a wide variety from big to small with no noticeable change in worth, making it a more attainable product to use.

 Solid speed control

Manual toothbrushes will give you a feeling of control and power. You get more control over the brushing movement and process, including how hard the pressure is on their teeth. This is particularly helpful if you have discomfort and sensitive areas in the mouth.

Handy while travelling

Manual toothbrushes can be easily carried in a small case taking minimal space without the concerns about damaging them. They are unbreakable, lightweight, and easy to travel with. Manual toothbrushes are even durable and most practical to carry when on the go!

Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush?

The world of smart toothbrushes can sound a wee bit complicated. But, they are the best and easiest way to take care of your teeth without actually brushing. Because-unlike a manual brush, it does the work for you. Electric toothbrushes allow people to care for their mouths more efficiently and help people with muscle-control issues be a little more independent. 

 Superior Plaque Removal

Powered or electric is the best toothbrush for plaque removal since they provide superior plaque removal compared to regular manual toothbrushes. The brushing action of electric toothbrushes is more in-depth. According to research in 2014, electric toothbrushes offer an 11% reduction in plaque short-term and a 21% reduction long-term compared to manual toothbrushes.

Ease of use and manage

While you move your regular manual toothbrush back and forth against your teeth, electric toothbrushes provide the easiest actions to clean your teeth. All you have to do is hold the brush and guide it along your surfaces. 

Likewise, arthritis patients or people with similar conditions may find using an electric toothbrush less painful. 

Painless Cleaning

An electric toothbrush does not cause any discomfort or pain while brushing. The reason is that the bristles of an electric toothbrush are soft enough to circumvent irritating the gums and, on the other hand, hard enough to deep clean your mouth.  

Stain Removal

Teeth stains happen due to frequent intake of drinks such as tea or coffee that can cause staining and discolouration of teeth. An Electric toothbrush has additional scouring power and pressure that makes it easier for users to get rid of undesirable stains and a megawatt smile.

Top Toothbrushes to Buy: Electric and Manual!

Choosing the right toothbrush depends on your personal needs and preferences. 

According to the American Dental Association, both manual and electric work equally well to clean your teeth.

Therefore, it’s up to you if you want a classic manual brush that costs a couple of bucks available at any grocery store? Or do you want to have a high-end oral regime with a smart toothbrush that does most of the work for you?

To help you work onto those pearly, we have listed the top 2 brushes in each category recommended by our oral health care expert Dr Veronica Stahl

Manual: AP-24 Toothbrush (3 piece set) 

An exclusive, anti-plaque manual toothbrush uses the top-notch AP-24 System in oral care products to improve dental hygiene, including removing plaque from surfaces and cavity prevention. The bristles hold more toothpaste while gently brushing the gums and teeth.

Electric: 360 Automated Toothbrush 

It is the number one dentist-recommended electric toothbrush. It has a revolutionary automated technology that gently massages the gums and gives the best whitening results combined with light programs. It is proven to provide 360-degree coverage across the mouth, making it a must-buy for everyone.

How often should you change your toothbrush?

Changing your toothbrush in a gap of 3-4 months ensures better oral health. Try buying a new toothbrush sooner if you have been sick, especially if you have more than two members in your family and the toothbrush is kept close to other toothbrushes.

Key Takeaways

Lastly, both manual and powered toothbrushes can be used effectively to keep teeth healthy and mouth clean. Each has its benefits. However, both toothbrushes will get the job done if used properly.

The point here is to floss and brush daily, regardless of the brush you use!

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