Cannabite Natural Toothpaste

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The all-natural toothpaste from Cannabite has been carefully formulated with ingredients known for soothing properties. Besides being free of fluoride, this paste has no synthetic colors or flavors


  • Fluoride-free formula
  • Completely cleans the mouth and throat
  • Protects sensitivity
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As this organic toothpaste contains no synthetic foaming agents, brushing with it may feel different at first. Instead, it is infused with red alga, pomegranate, and dead sea salts, giving mouth freshness throughout the day. 

This vegan, cruelty-free toothpaste remove plaque from your teeth and gums along with safety from tooth decay

Cannabites herbal toothpaste is the ideal oral care solution for daily use, designed to provide optimum oral hygiene.



Freshens breath

Freshens Breath

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

Stain Remover

Stain Remover

No colors or chemicals

No colors or chemicals

How to use

Apply at least a 1-inch strip on the Toothbrush

Apply at least a 1-inch strip on the Toothbrush

Brush for at least 2 minutes.

Brush for at least 2 minutes

Let the paste rest for 30 seconds on the teeth

Let the paste rest for 30 seconds on the teeth

Do not swallowDo not swallow

Rinse with cold water

Rinse with cold water




A unique combination of Pomegranate Algae and Dead Sea salt.

6 reviews for Cannabite Natural Toothpaste

  1. James

    This paste provides wonderful relief from plaque and toothache. For me, it’s the best natural toothpaste on the market.

  2. Aaron

    I love this organic and all natural tooth paste! I brought the product online and have experienced better teeth health.

  3. Daniel

    My father uses a lot of organic dental products, but Cannabite is the best herbal toothpaste he has ever used!

  4. Susan

    Good thing is, it’s all natural toothpaste yet it’s so effective as I am using it for the last 2 months!

  5. David

    This is my second time buying Cannabite. I think it’s the best natural tooth paste since it does not have any harsh chemicals and is made of natural ingredients.

  6. Elijah

    Cannibite is one of the best toothpaste I have used! I along with my whole family is a big fan!

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