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Types of Toothpaste: Why Do Dentists Recommend CBD toothpaste?

Rinse, brush, paste, repeat! 

Toothpaste is an integral part of our daily oral hygiene regimen. It makes perfect sense to use a toothpaste containing healthy, natural ingredients that are kind to our bodies when we brush our teeth. Rinse, brush, paste, repeat. 

In spite of this, it can be challenging to find the perfect organic toothpaste in the variety of choices available at a typical drugstore. Thus, to know more about what, why, and how types of toothpaste work, continue reading!

Types of toothpaste

To stay healthy and maintain your oral health, you must brush twice daily with toothpaste. Yet, you might not be aware that there is a variety of toothpaste available. There is one for everyone since they all have different functions.

Fluoride Toothpaste: 

This is likely to be the type of toothpaste you have in your cabinet at home since it is the most widely used. The product accounts for over 90% of all toothpaste sales and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and prevent cavities. 

CBD Toothpaste: 

A CBD-infused toothpaste could be a great addition to oral care and management. The herbal toothpaste you buy may contain additional active ingredients, such as activated charcoal to whiten your teeth, xylitol to prevent dry mouth and tooth decay, and coconut oil to reduce contaminants and freshen your breath.

Tartar Control Toothpaste: 

Anti-tartar toothpaste has sodium pyrophosphate, which prevents tartar and removes surface stains from developing on the teeth, and sodium hexametaphosphate, which reduces tartar and stains around the gum line. 

Whitening Toothpaste

Today, many teeth whitening toothpaste are being marketed for everyday use to help people achieve pearly whites.

Toothpaste marketed for whitening does not typically contain bleach. They bind to stains and dislodge them from the tooth surface with the help of abrasive elements or chemicals to make them pearly white.

Why do Dentists recommend CBD toothpaste? 

An array of miscellaneous CBD products have been added, including some CBD dental care. The dental industry offers CBD toothpicks, CBD mouthwash, and CBD tinctures that can be directly applied to the mouth. 

CBD-infused toothpaste, in particular, is effective in improving oral health. 

Hemp-derived CBD, as an antiseptic and antibacterial, may help restrict bacterial growth or even kill it. The properties of these compounds may prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth and teeth.

Research has shown that cannabidiol (CBD) has bacteria-reducing properties.

An additional study conducted in Belgium found cannabinoids reduced the number of bacterial colonies in dental plaque effectively. 

One CBD toothpaste suggested by most dentists for optimal dental health and overall oral hygiene: Protective and Whitening Toothpaste By STOP

This whitening product provides you with all the benefits of regular toothpaste, with the addition of additional brightness. 

Protective and Whitening Toothpaste By STOP features an innovative, fluoride-free formula that protects the mouth at 360-degrees. 

In addition to preventing bleeding gums, tooth decay, and sensitivity, this paraben-free toothpaste penetrates the entire oral cavity. 

Tips to Choosing best toothpaste

Choosing toothpaste that is right for you is important. There are a number of simple essentials you should look for when shopping for toothpaste, but it really depends on your medical needs or personal preference. 

Verify the seal of approval

Choose a toothpaste with the American Dental Association (ADA) seal, as it ensures the toothpaste meets certain standards.

For more natural ingredients, go organic

Organic toothpaste can be healthier for your mouth (though not necessarily) since it uses more natural ingredients like hemp oil and charcoal; however, it will typically not contain fluoride, which most dentists agree is important. 

Ensure that your family’s needs are met

People trying to instil good oral hygiene habits in their children may want to consider using fruit-flavored toothpaste that has sparkles to motivate them to brush their teeth? With whitening toothpaste, some people hope to restore their teeth’ whiteness. Other people prefer to brush their teeth with toothpaste that contains baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Pick one that will freshen your breath

Consider one that can help freshen your breath if bad breath is an issue for you. The package should display this information.

Make a selection of your favorite texture

If you are choosing a paste, gel, or liquid, it really doesn’t matter how it feels when it cleans your teeth. As they cling better to the toothbrush and teeth, toothpaste and gels make brushing slightly easier.

Final Verdict

There are countless toothpaste options available nowadays, so you have the option of choosing one that suits you best. You must always keep in mind that your mouth is your gateway to the rest of your body. STOP’s CBD Toothpaste is a healthy, all-natural option that will keep you feeling better and healthier overall.

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